Tuesday, 3 November 2015

30 Days In Autumn: Days 21-30

Here are my final photos from this project. I really enjoyed taking so many autumnal photos this year. I ended up having to take several photos on one day a few times to catch up (I had forgotten about the clocks going back, so it has often been too dark before and after work to take outdoor photos on work days), but I am really happy with the collection of autumnal photos I've got. :)

I hope you've enjoyed following along and you can see the whole of the project together here on my Flickr page. :) 

30 Days In Autumn: Day 21

Day 21. Bouquet

30 Days In Autumn: Day 22

Day 22. In the park

30 Days In Autumn: Day 23

Day 23. White berry

30 Days In Autumn: Day 24

24. Autumn is magical

30 Days In Autumn: Day 25

25. Red berries and bokeh

30 Days In Autumn: Day 26

26. Autumn morning

30 Days In Autumn: Day 27

27. Autumn cobweb

30 Days In Autumn: Day 28

28. Stuck on the fence


29. Mist and moon


30.  A few leaves left


  1. Lovely project :) I really like the soft tones of your photos!

  2. Oh Deb I would seriously buy a print of one of the first ones with the flowers! All these are gorgeous but that is my favorite!!

    1. Aw, thanks so much Heather. If you ever want to buy one just let me know ;)


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