Monday, 21 December 2015

Favourite Photos of 2015: Animals & Birds

I don't know how it is time once again for these round-up posts, but somehow it is! This year has really flown by for me, especially over the summer. 

I definitely went through photography phases this year. I did my Every Other Day project until early June when unfortunately, my job became too busy and I became too stressed to find the time/energy to carry on with it, so I took a photography break. I got back into it again in the autumn though, when I really enjoyed taking lots of pretty autumnal photos for my 30 days in autumn project.

Here is the first of a few posts; my favourite animal and bird photos I took this year.


This is probably my number one favourite photo I took this year! Hector the hedgehog visited the bluebell patch in our garden frequently for around six weeks. I managed to get pretty close to him on several occasions but on this day I got the best photos of him. He was too sweet for words! I wonder where he is now and I hope he's still healthy and happy.


Sleepy Simon. I am very lucky to still have this little chap because he's quite an old hamster now. He'll be approximately 2 1/2 in February. He's still fairly fit and hyper, but he has had a few minor health worries. I didn't take many photos of him this year, but I love this one. I had woken him up to take his photo and he was not impressed!


Dexter the cat. Shazia's cat Dexter hiding behind a plant. 


Marley the cat, in a flower bed at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. I initially thought he belonged to BBG but it turns out he just lives nearby. He does walk around like he owns the place though!

30 Days In Autumn: Day 8

Now on to the bird photos... Here is a tiny coal tit.


My favourite bird; the long-tailed tit.

30 Days In Autumn: Day 18

Two pigeons in the flower bed.


A male bullfinch in the rain.


And, finally, a young robin in the rain. :)

I hope you've enjoyed seeing those. I'll be back with some more favourites soon.

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