Saturday, 2 January 2016

Goals for 2016

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January is always a good time to start afresh and think of some new goals and projects. I thought I'd share a list of some of my aims for the year ahead :)

* Travel! In 2016 I would really like to go on 2 or 3 holidays. I'm hoping that I'll be able to go abroad later in the year, but I'd also like to make 1 or 2 trips to places in the UK. 

* Go on more day trips by myself. Ideally, I'm thinking I would like to do at least one day trip somewhere a month (during the months I don't go on holiday). I'd like to visit a few cities/places in the UK that I've never visited before.

* Savesavesave. I'm going to need ££££ for those holidays. ;)

* Take lots of photos, and experiment more with photography (digital and film). 

* Submit photos to Getty more regularly. I've been dragging my feet with it in recent months, and I haven't even looked at the new submission platform properly. I should make more of an effort to keep on top of it.

* Post things to Instagram regularly. I always forget about my Instagram account. I've tried to get into taking photos with my phone, but it drives me mad! I think I am too used to looking through viewfinders. But, I really enjoy browsing other people's photos on Instagram so I would like to make more of an effort to post things on there myself. It will probably be exclusively DSLR and film shots instead of mobile phone shots though. 

* Go to more art/photography exhibitions. I recently went to see two exhibitions of photos by Julia Margaret Cameron in London and they left me feeling like I really should go see some inspiring art much more often. 

* Play my saxophone lots. In 2015 I was mostly pretty good at this. I practiced at least once a week, but usually 3-5 times a week and I've been fairly pleased with my progress on it. I would really love to have lessons but fitting them into my current schedule isn't working, sadly. I also don't think I can really afford lessons AND lots of holidays/daytrips, and I feel like I want to prioritise travelling right now. One day I will have lessons, but for now, I'll have to continue to teach myself.

*Go to a couple of gigs/concerts/shows. I was very lucky in 2015 as I went to a few awesome gigs (Ride, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Sleater-Kinney, Mercury Rev and Chvrches), as well as some great shows/concerts (Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands, the ballet of Swan Lake, and the Tchaikovsky Spectacular at Symphony Hall), but I'm always up for more concerts. Live music makes everything better :D

* Paint some furniture. I have a project in mind and I've already bought the paint, so I'll probably get on with that quite soon.

* Update my photography portfolio site. I've not touched it since 2014 so it badly needs updating.

* Get a new MacBook, or at least, start saving for a new one. 

* Try some new avocado recipes. I'm obsessed with avocados these days but I keep eating them in the same ways. Recommendations are welcome. :)

* Finally, blog more! I'd love to get back into more regular blogging. I have a few ideas in my mind for future blog posts. If I do manage to travel a little bit more this year, then it would certainly be cool to do some travel-related posts too!


  1. your goals are awesome! you should visit croatia, you can stay at my place!

    1. Ooh that would be totally amazing! :D I need to start saving NOW!

      & thank you, I had fun writing the list! :)

  2. I love your goals for the year, we actually have a few in common! I am hoping to travel a few places this year and also save some money as well. I also want to take a few solo trips since I never really go anywhere alone! I am excited that you have Instagram and just followed you on there! Oh and getting back into photography is a huge thing I want to accomplish this year!


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