Wednesday, 20 January 2016

My Lapel Pin Collection

I've always been a collector of things and last year I got sucked into the world of lapel pins! As you can see I don't have that many (yet) but just about enough to call it a collection, and I am certain I will be adding to it. ;) Lapel pins seem to be very trendy at the moment and I keep seeing more and more amazing ones pop up on Etsy by various artists and illustrators. There is just so much choice that I can't see me getting bored of collecting them anytime soon. 

Why do I like them so much? They are tiny wearable works of art :D They are a very subtle way to express your interests and personality. They don't cost very much (mine have all cost between £1-£13ish with shipping from abroad). They are fairly easy to wear as well because they are mostly pretty small. Although, I am gutted I can't put them on my winter coat because the fabric is too thick. But, they look great on jackets and denim, and I always wear a lot of denim because I'm basically stuck in the 90s. ;)

These are my favourites so far... I seem to be drawn to heart shaped pins!

Swan Heart pin. 
This is an RSPB pin I bought on their official eBay page. It was only £3 with postage, which I think is a bargain, plus it all goes to the charity. I think it's the loveliest of the RSPB badge designs I've seen so far! (and I've seen a lot)

Smashing Pumpkins Logo pin. 
Awesomeawesome classic logo pin bought from ceaseanddesistrules on Etsy.

Capture Beauty pin. 
This is my favourite pin from the amazing Asilda Store. I really love her intricate designs, and I love that many of her designs are photography themed. I've already got 3 of her pins and I still want more!

Introvert pin. 
Well, this pin is very me. I am an introvert through and through. It's from Culture Flock Clothing.

Snacks pin.
This pin is also very me since I've never been able to go long without a snack. It's from Yardsale Press on Etsy.

I thought I'd also share a few photos of the pins that have come with the best packaging.

I guess this one will look very weird if you haven't seen the classic Simpsons episode it is from. But, if you have you'll find it hilarious. :D This pin is from Mike McCabe's store on Etsy. He also sells this great pin of Bart's tattoo!

Finding this classic Smashing Pumpkins logo pin on Etsy absolutely made my day! The early Pumpkins albums will always be all-time favourites of mine. I remember wanting a pin or necklace with this logo on when I was about 17. Finally, 14 years later, I have one! :D

This One Eyed Jacks pin is one of only 100 made which is pretty cool (well, it's cool if you're a Twin Peaks fan :D). It was from kreeplord on Etsy. The pin is numbered on the back. 

I think the Limited Edition element of some designs really makes pins all the more addictive! (or is that just me?!)

Well, that is my little collection so far, although I have, maybe, possibly, ordered a few that haven't arrived yet from the US and Canada. At the rate I'm buying new ones, I expect I will do an update on this later in the year! Have you jumped on the lapel pin bandwagon too? 


  1. It's cool to have a collection :) I'm more into postcards, but I recently bought a couple of pins to give as a gift. I got them from THIS LA artist.

    If you like pins so much you should check the "Pin shopping guide" on the ABM blog HERE ;)

    Have a nice week!

    1. Cool, I really like the "feeling myself" pin in that shop :)

      Haha, yes, I have seen it already. The ABM ladies have good taste in pins! :)

      Thank you, hope you're having a great week too!x

  2. Ooh I like your collection! I may have to buy one of those Simpsons pins, love the packaging! x

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