Wednesday, 3 February 2016

January in Review

I thought it would be fun to do start doing monthly round-ups here of how I'm doing with my goals for this year. Hopefully, this might help motivate me to work harder on the ones that I'm struggling with, and it will be a way to share a few things of interest I've been up to lately, as well.

So how did I do in January with my goals for 2016?

* My main goal for 2016 I couldn't share here for obvious reasons, but it was to get a new job and I got one! :D I was meant to have the first induction today, but I've been quite under the weather since Monday with a bad cold, so I'm going in for that next week instead now. I am really excited about the new job! I have just a few shifts left at the Gardens and I will be sad to leave in some ways, but this feels like 100% the right decision for me. 

*  Travel! No travelling yet this year for me, but I didn't expect to be doing any so early in the year. 

* Go on more day trips by myself. No day trips either, oops, although I have been on a couple of solo shopping trips, but only to Birmingham, which is not very exciting. I will try harder to go somewhere interesting this month!

* Savesavesave. Not got very far with this, but then I have gone and spent quite a lot of money on interview/work clothes that I never needed before. Hopefully, I'll be able to save much more this month.

* Take lots of photos, and experiment more with photography (digital and film). I've hardly taken any photos this year yet, which is a shame.

* Submit photos to Getty more regularly. Not done any yet, but I have submitted a couple to 500px Marketplace. I got some surprise money from them in January, which was awesome and has made me think maybe I should be submitting more to them instead. It's worth a shot.

* Post things to Instagram regularly. I've been good with this! I decided to choose a theme for my Instagram and post only film photographs to it instead of a random mixture of digital/film/phone photos. I'm really enjoying going back through my Flickr archives and digging out old film photos I'd forgotten about. There seems to be a little community of film shooters on Instagram too, which is nice to see.

* Go to more art/photography exhibitions. I didn't make it to any in January. There is at least one exhibition I plan to go to this month, though.

* Play my saxophone lots. I think I played my sax twice in January, which is terrible! But, I have been pretty distracted with job stuff, and more recently, my rubbish health has got in the way, so hopefully, in a few weeks, once I'm settled in the new job and got a bit more energy, I'll get back into it.

*Go to a couple of gigs/concerts/shows. None yet, but I have two upcoming gigs to go to this month :)

* Paint some furniture. Not started this project yet. I have a feeling I won't get a chance for a while.

* Update my photography portfolio site. I'm working on this, and I am hoping that it will be finished in a month or two, at most.

* Get a new MacBook, or at least, start saving for a new one. Not got this yet. I'm hoping I can get one in March or April.

* Try some new avocado recipes. All I have tried in an egg baked inside an avocado, which was a bit weird, and I doubt I'll be eating it again! :-/

* Finally, blog more! I think I'm doing fairly well with this, but I would like to aim to blog twice a week, rather than just once a week.

I only have 2 main goals for this month...

* get into the habit of taking a film camera out with me EVERYDAY. I really want to shoot more film and use all my film cameras much more often. It's an expensive hobby, but it is so therapeutic and fun. I also have agreed to shoot a roll for a photography student to help her with a double exposure project, so I will get that done too.
* other than that, just concentrate on settling into the new job and relax at weekends as much as possible!


  1. Congrats on the new job! & lovely photo :)

  2. I like the idea of reflecting back on each month as you go along! And it's a pretty good update of life in general, which is rad - congratulations on the new job! Also, the title photo is really pretty ^.^

    1. Thanks, Libby! :D Yeah, I'm really excited about the job (and really nervous too, eep!) x

  3. Congrats on the new job! I actually got a new job as well that I start next week. I'm really excited/nervous. I also love that one of your goals is to take your camera everywhere. I have been on the lookout for a bigger purse to do something similar.

    1. Thank you! I hope that your new job is going really well xx


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