Sunday, 13 March 2016

New Beginning.

New Beginning.

On Monday I finally started the new job that I was originally meant to start three weeks ago. Well, I started it part-time because of everything that has happened lately, but from tomorrow I'll be working there full-time. It's, for the most part, an admin based job and it's very different to my last job. So far, it is going well. :)

I am currently feeling the need to throw myself into some new photography projects. It seems like the perfect time since I am having a fresh start in other respects. I really want to get back into using my DSLR more regularly again, so since Monday I've been taking a digital photograph every day. I'm not sure if it's going to be a 365 project or what it will be, but I will see how things go. I'll try to post all my new digital photos here, but if I forget/get behind you can follow them here on my Flickr.

I also have some film photography project plans, including something in particular which I am very excited about and I will blog about that soon.


The Loveliest Lapel Pin


House Tealight Holder




  1. Happy to read that the new job is going well! The photos are beautiful, I really like the bokeh in the first one :-) I can't wait to know more about your new project.

    1. Thanks, Ines :) & I can't wait to share my plans!


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