Sunday, 10 April 2016

Recent Photos

Time to share this week's photos. I came down with yet another bad cold this week, my second(!) really bad one of the year so far. I don't quite know what's going on with my immune system, getting 2 bad ones in such a short space of time. :-/ Never mind. I've been enjoying recuperating this weekend, being very lazy and watching tons of episodes of Gilmore Girls. I had never seen it until very recently, but I decided to get the box set after hearing only good things about it, and I'm really enjoying it so far :D I'm only on season 2 so I have lots to get through. 

I've also been spending some time doing Getty submissions as I hadn't uploaded many for a very long time. I am liking the new submission platform. It does seem to make the whole process a bit faster :)

Rainy Monday Evening

Body Shop Haul




Hungry Robin


I wouldn't normally take 2 similar photos 2 days in a row, but these 2 bullfinches looked so adorable on the feeder together, they were practically begging to be photographed!


  1. Still haven't checked out Getty, thanks for the reminder ;-)
    Aww the 'hungry robin' shot is so beautiful! And you're right, the 2 last ones are adorable - I can see why you would "repeat" the photo eheh

    1. It's definitely worth looking into Getty :)

      Thanks! :D


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