Tuesday, 17 May 2016

London on Instant Film

I had originally planned to go on a couple of solo holidays this year. However, after everything that happened in February, I've changed my mind and have decided my holidays should all be with my mum this year. To ensure I still get some time to do my own thing, I'm having some solo weekends away instead... 

On Saturday I went to London and stayed overnight :D I decided to document my mini trip on instant film with my Fuji Instax Neo Classic camera...

I got to London soon after lunchtime and went to straight to my hotel to check in. I stayed in the new Hub by Premier Inn on Brick Lane, which was actually quite cool. In case you're not aware, the Premier Inn hubs are a new, slightly cheaper version of Premier Inns, however without a few of the "frills". The rooms are smaller, you don't get a kettle in your room, or a bath. But, the rooms still have all the basics that you need and they're also designed to be "smart" rooms. You control everything in the room, such as the room temperature, lighting and TV, by using an app on your smartphone. Well, in theory this is a great idea, however I did experience a few issues with the app during my stay. Nevertheless, 70% of the time it worked OK. 

It was cool to have a Smart TV in the room, which had a few movies available on it to watch for free.

This map of London you can see above was on the wall in my room and it was meant to be interactive - you can scan it on your phone and it apparently tells you things about the different parts of London. I couldn't get it to work, but I already knew where I wanted to go, anyway.

After checking in I got the tube to Bethnal Green to go the Museum of Childhood where I saw the original Bagpuss, The Clangers, and all the other adorable characters from both series :D They are all just as cute in real life as I imagined (especially, Professor Yaffle!). My parents had seen them a few years ago in Canterbury and I'd always been a bit jealous!

I then got the tube back to Aldgate East, and sauntered along to Spitalfields market.
I was starving so I got an early dinner at Wagamama's, and I got dessert from the Hummingbird Bakery to take back to my hotel room. I should have photographed the cupcake I chose because it was a "Biscoff" one, filled with gorgeous Lotus biscuit spread and it was delicious!

On Sunday I got up early to wander down Brick Lane to the Cereal Killer Cafe for my breakfast. I'd heard it was a really popular place as I'd read about it on the BBC news and various places, so I got there for when it had just opened at about 8:15am and I turned out to be the only person there(!) It was a fun and unusual experience. I wasn't very adventurous with my cereal choice (Banana Weetabix Minis, strawberries & Milky Way Magic Stars!) but it was interesting to browse all the cereal toys and merchandise on the walls and to see the beds they're now using as seating - all very bizarre, really!

My pictures in the cafe didn't turn out well at all (probably should have used the flash), but I took some shots of the street art down Brick Lane on my way there...

After such an early start, I needed a relax in the hotel for an hour or so before checking out and heading off to meet Fliss in Notting Hill. We hadn't seen each other since my birthday last year, so we were definitely due a catch-up. First of all we went to Kensington Gardens and sat near the water for a nice chat in the sunshine. :D

Fliss then suggested we got lunch at My Old Dutch Pancake House and I'll be forever grateful for her suggestion because I ate one of the best lunches I've had in my life! I went for the Eggs Florentine pancake, which was basically all my favourite foods on an enormous pancake. :D I definitely want to go back there sometime...

After lunch we did more wandering around Notting Hill and Kensington and Portobello Road - we seemed to wander everywhere, which was tiring, but awesome! We stopped off for some gelato at an amazing Gelateria, but I've forgotten the name of that (think I was pretty darn tired by this point in the weekend!).

To finish off this rather lengthy blog post, here are just a few more photos...some beautiful houses seen (I think) in/near to Notting Hill. The wisteria on this one was incredible! 

and lastly, here's a shot of some street art spotted near Portobello market (I think) after we had enjoyed a long sit-down and drinks at the Vinyl Cafe.

So, that was my weekend! I always find London exhausting, but good fun, and I loved using this camera lots for a change too ♥


  1. It seems like a really lovely weekend! I need to come visit England and have you show me the best places and take photos together :)

    1. It was! :D Ah that would be really good fun, Heather. If you ever make it here, let me know you're coming :)

  2. What a great idea to document a short trip with instant film! Do you make a journal for the trip and illustrate with the photos afterwards?

    It's funny, the other day I was talking with one of my sisters about travelling alone and I was saying I couldn't do it, because I get really bored of being on my own and not having anyone to share my opinions & feelings with. But I know some people really enjoy it!

    1. Thanks, Ines :) No, I'm too lazy to do that ;) That is a nice idea though. At the moment, I've got a few of the photos displayed on my bedroom wall.

      Aw, I've always been a true introvert and enjoy my own company, and more so the older I get, it seems! I do recommend trying it at some point. You can do exactly what you want without having to compromise at all - it's very liberating :)

  3. Having the photos displayed on a wall is a great option too!

    I love to be alone as well and I can understand what you're saying about it being liberating, however when travelling I guess I just don't feel safe on my own ;) + I can't trust my sense of direction - I always get lost! hahaha! But perhaps I could start going to places around here, do some 1-day trips alone to see if I change my mind! :)


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