Sunday, 22 May 2016

Recent Photos (Catch-up)

Time to catch-up on my daily photos here. I have 2 week's worth to share...

This weekend has been a relatively quiet one, although I spent some of yesterday out with my friend Alice. We got pizzas at Pizza-by-goli and had a wander around the shops. Today has, rather depressingly, been spent cleaning and clearing out Simon's things, but also relaxing in front of lots of Gilmore Girls. I'm now on season 5! It's pretty much all I've been watching lately, and I think it has been a good choice as I've needed something light and cheery to watch the last couple of months. 

Forget-me-not Star Scanograph

Early Night

Looking Out

This is my response to Libby's photo in our game of Photo Tennis :)



For my weekend in London

The Clangers & Bagpuss

London on Instant Film

Monday Evening Treat

Vanilla cheesecake & mixed fruit

Stormy Clouds

Pink Bluebell

Farewell, Simon :(

Camera Keychain

New Nail Polishes

I haven't been much into painting my nails for the last couple of years, but I feel like starting to do so again. I bought these office-appropriate colours to try out. Boots and Superdrug were doing buy-one-get-one-half-price on Barry M, so it was the perfect time to stock up!



  1. Those stormy clouds are really impressive! And I like the light captured behind them. Lovely series as always :)

    PS: I have been into painting my nails too lately, but this time I got a base coat as I remember when I stopped painting them was because they were getting a bit yellowish...

    1. Thank you :)

      Ah yes, a base coat is definitely a good idea. I've never had the problem of yellowish nails, but generally, I paint my nails with light colours which don't stain so badly.


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