Sunday, 1 May 2016

Recent Photos

Time for another week's photos...

This week was a pretty good one all-round. After my weekend in a darkroom, I ended up getting sucked into browsing the Internet for various darkroom supplies and have ordered rather a lot of stuff. (My plan to buy everything gradually kind of went out of the window!). I also met up with people from the Gardens for a meal this week, which was overdue, and really nice :D

Robin in the Sun

I had a day off work which meant I had time to take bird photos! :)


A quick shot from my window.

Leaving Gifts

Another quick shot. I got back late after going out for the meal with folk from the Gardens. These were my belated leaving gifts - flowers, 3 cacti and a succulent! :D

Sonos Play:1

I decided to delve into the world of wireless speakers and treated myself to a Sonos Play:1, which arrived on this day. It's fantastic! The sound is miles better than all other speakers I've tried. Plus, it's just so nice to be able to control it from my phone, especially from the comfort of my bed when I'm feeling really lazy ;)

Be Free

One of my newest lapel pins. Another gorgeous design from Frolik Studio :D

Pink Rose

A close-up of those lovely flowers


And a close-up of one of the cacti

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