Monday, 30 May 2016

Recent Photos

Last week I really felt a big lack of motivation with photography, which was frustrating. I think I am simply in need of a week's holiday (2 weeks to go, and counting!), as I'm feeling run down generally. I haven't had a week's holiday since last November. My holiday in Brighton honestly feels like centuries ago to me. So much has happened since then. Thankfully, today is a Bank Holiday here in the UK so I am planning to spend some time today doing fun photography related things - perhaps a few Getty submissions, having a think about some future photo ideas, doing a little more clearing out of the darkroom, and maybe ordering a couple more things for it too! 

Here are my digital photos from last week....

Heart Patch

Tuesday Sunset

Succulent in B&W

Warmer Days

This mini fan is so great for keeping my old MacBook from overheating.

Spring Garden

Taken through the living room window

Mini Memorial

Simon was a special hamster, therefore he needed a special gravestone ;)


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