Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Lately on Instagram

I've been trying to make an effort to post on Instagram. These are a random mixture of old and new DSLR photos, and new phone photos.

I thought I'd start sharing my Instagrams here as I know not everybody is into it, or has time to check it regularly.

1.  A beautiful Limited Edition Amelie pin designed by Margarita Toyents
2.  Missing my furry pal, Simon :'(
3.  A sticker I got free from DKFM, my number one favourite radio station. It plays shoegaze and more shoegaze, which is ideal if you like your shoegaze. ;)
4. A throwback to the days I made a huge effort to match my nails to everything.
5. Wearing my denim pinafore dress and Twin Peaks pin designed by Tom Grunwald
6. Some patterns I doodled on A3 paper displayed in my bedroom
7. Tik-tok, the Royal Army of Oz pin! From Sugar & Vice
8. Marley the cat. A throwback to my days working at Birmingham Botanical Gardens
9. A new DSLR picture of a mini fibre optic lamp


  1. Deb I love your Instagram posts! I especially love that Amelie pin. All the heart eye emojis!

    1. Hee glad you're enjoying them, Heather :D I know, it's a gorgeous pin


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