Saturday, 27 August 2016

Autumn Goals

It seems unreal that six months has passed since my dad left us. This summer is flying by in a way that feels new to me. Until this year I'd never worked a normal Monday to Friday schedule, and it's been a shock to the system. It certainly makes time go by more quickly. I was used to working odd shifts wherever I could and constantly forgetting what day of the week it was. I am, for the most part, feeling settled in the new job now, but not settled in the sense that I am bored of it. It's getting more challenging lately which is slightly daunting but really good. I am immensely grateful for it.

But, of course I appreciate time off too. It is Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, which means an extra day off, hooray! I am spending some time this long weekend making a few plans for the autumn, and here is my list...

1. Take a digital photo everyday. I've had a long break from this and I feel ready to get back into it. Autumn is the perfect time to do it. Last autumn I did a 30 days in Autumn photo project. Maybe, I will do something similar again. I'm not sure, except I want to start the project sooner than I did last year. I'm still deliberating over what to go for...we'll see...

2. Go on holiday abroad. My mum and I are off on holiday to Croatia really soon. I cannot wait! It will actually be my first time on a plane for over 7 years(!). I am taking 4 cameras with me. Yes, 4! So, expect plenty of photos on my return. :D

3. Go on lots of weekends away. I have 4 weekends away in various cities booked for the next few months and I'm really looking forward to all of them. :D Two of them include gigs – Lush and Pixies! I don't know who I am most excited about seeing! 

4. Practice my saxophone regularly. At least, for 20 minutes every other day. I stopped playing it after everything that happened with my dad, and then found it increasingly hard to pick it up again, but I have done recently and I am trying to get back into it.

5. Go on lots of autumnal photo walks. Because, autumn is so photogenic. 

6. Finish putting together the darkroom.

7. Use the darkroom!

8. Shoot lots of film. Always a goal of mine.

9. Do some more Getty submissions. It's been ages.

10. Blog more. I miss it.

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