Monday, 19 September 2016

Back from Korčula Island

Yesterday I returned from my first holiday abroad in 7 years(!) to the island of Korčula in Croatia. It's a fairly small island, only about 29 miles long. As soon as we arrived I was struck by how peaceful it was there, and by how perfect it looked. As you can see, it is a stunningly beautiful place.

I hadn't been on this kind of holiday before and I had never been to Croatia before. Generally, I tend to visit cities and I've never been into beach holidays as I don't enjoy sunbathing and don't much like hot weather. But, going to Croatia in September meant that it wasn't too hot, and mostly there was a refreshing sea breeze, which makes the heat so much more bearable than it is when we have heatwaves in Birmingham city centre! For this holiday, my mum and I wanted to go somewhere where we could do one thing...relax. Korčula was perfect for this. I can't say I enjoyed the journey there and back much. We flew to Dubrovnik, which was fine, but then had to get a mini bus ride for a little over 2 1/2 hours to the coast, before getting a boat for 15 minutes to the island. The boat rides were relaxing, but the drives were horrendously bendy. It was like being on a gentle rollercoaster for nearly 3 hours! I would definitely not recommend visiting Korčula to anyone who has motion sickness. Thankfully, I was fully prepared with lots of ginger sweets and sickness bands!

I will probably take several weeks to go through all my photos. For now, here is one of me taken by my mum, and a little summary of my favourite things I enjoyed on the holiday...

♥︎ Watching and listening to the waves everyday ♥︎ Exploring and photographing Korčula old town ♥︎ Stopping at numerous cafes for drinks ♥︎ Eating coconut gelato ♥︎ Taking the ferry to Orebic on the mainland for a mini day trip where I took a ton more photos. It was possibly even more photogenic than Korčula♥︎ Eating amazing lunches every day. We booked half board in the hotel, but the food was very disappointing, so we made up for it by eating a fairly substantial lunch every day. In my case, this included delicious tuna salads and french fries, and on one day I had homemade macaroni with zucchini in a creamy curry sauce, which was unnervingly luminous green, but tasted amazing! ♥︎ Eating epic quantities of fish and sweet fresh cucumber ♥︎ Swimming in the hotel pool every day ♥︎ Buying swimming shoes and swimming in the sea for the first time, ever! As I said, I am not a beach holiday person, nor am I a very competent swimmer. I've paddled in the sea a bit when I was younger, but never felt like I wanted to swim in it before. The Adriatic sea was so clear that once we bought the swim shoes I could not resist taking a dip  ♥︎ Lounging around by the pool after swimming listening to Sue Perkins' audiobook ♥︎ Buying some lovely big shells as a souvenir ♥︎ Climbing the small tower in Koula old town to take in the view ♥︎ Drinking buckets of ice cold Ice Tea. They had a brand of Ice Tea there called Jana, which was gorgeous, much nicer than the Lipton one we get everywhere in the UK  ♥︎ Browsing the local supermarket. I love visiting supermarkets in other countries! ♥︎ Stocking up on chocolate bars I've never heard of ♥︎ Shooting 5 rolls of film in total throughout the week :D ♥︎

I'll be back with some epic photo posts shortly...


  1. It looks amazing! Glad you guys had a lovely relaxing holiday, you deserve it! I'll look forward to seeing the rest of the photos :-)

    1. Thanks, Libs :) I hope you're well and enjoying being a second year student so far


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