Sunday, 25 September 2016

Korčula: Digital Photos Part II

These photos are all from the Thursday, which was my favourite day of our week in Korčula. We took the ferry over to Orebić on the mainland. The ferry ride was incredibly relaxing and refreshing, and we both loved Orebić. In a way it was even prettier than Korčula and we had some amazing food there too - some of the best from the whole holiday; in my case, peach flavoured gelato and a delicious tuna salad lunch. Yum!


  1. So pretty! I love the bokeh water with the chain! :-)

  2. Gorgeous! Both this post and the last have given me major wanderlust!

  3. I just went through your posts from Croatia and this set of photos is my favorite :) I love the color tones of these images and the mood they convey. I also enjoyed reading your thoughts about the trip!

    1. Thanks! This set is my favourite too :) It was a wonderful day, full of happy memories. I recommend visiting this town if you ever get the chance.


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