Saturday, 1 October 2016

Hello, October

Since today is 1st October and it's Saturday and I have some free time and I'm finally feeling a bit better after being ill for ages, I decided now would be a good time to start a new daily photography project. The weather is very rainy here today but I decided to venture outside anyway to take a few simple nature shots. I really liked these tiny delicate leaves and all the different colours surrounding them.

I am definitely feeling more inspired photography-wise right now than I have for a long time. I always struggle to feel inspired to take photos in the summertime. Autumn is the perfect time to get back into photography though with so many interesting colours and textures around. My holiday in Croatia has really helped me to get back into the flow of taking photos as well. I also got a new lens yesterday, which I can't wait to use! It's a wide-angle lens so it will be perfect for all my future architectural and landscape photography.

Another thing that has really inspired me lately is the Master of Photography series on Sky Arts. Did anyone else watch it? It's a photography competition, kind of like the photography version of Bake Off, I suppose, except it's a lot more intense and serious, and the criticism is much harsher. I was happy to see on the first episode that one of the contestants is someone I have followed on Flickr for quite some time and I greatly admire her work. In case any of you reading this are feeling extremely confident about your photography skills, you can enter the next series here. The prize is pretty amazing!

Anyway, back to my own photography... If you'd like to follow all my autumnal photos, I am aiming to post them daily to my Flickr page, and then I will post weekly updates here too. 


  1. That programme sounds pretty rad, but we don't have Sky Arts, boo! I'm looking forward to seeing your photos every day - glad you're feeling inspired! x

  2. Happy to read that inspiration is back and I look forward to seeing your weekly updates here (I will try to follow on Flickr daily, but I haven't been really connected on there lately).
    I wish I could watch that TV programme, it must be awesome! I noticed they have a 'episodes' tab on their website but it's not clickable yet, maybe it will be soon.


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