Saturday, 15 October 2016

Kew Gardens and The Hive

On Thursday evening my mum and I travelled down to London so that we could spend Friday visiting Kew Gardens. I had never been to Kew Gardens before and had been curious to visit them for a while. 

I also really wanted to go this year because it is currently the home of the giant bee-hive-like structure and sensory experience called The Hive, which was designed in part by the building design company I work for

It was very cool to see it. I had hoped to do some long-exposure photos of it using my new wide-angle lens, but unfortunately, I'd forgotten that I would need an ND filter, which I forgot to order before my trip. Oh well, I still enjoyed photographing it anyway...

As well as visiting The Hive, we also enjoyed seeing the Bird Photographer of the Year exhibition, doing the treetop walk...

..and seeing a couple of exhibitions of botanical art. I really loved the Japanese botanical art exhibition and bought a couple of postcards of those.

Most of all I really liked simply wandering around the Gardens taking photos of whatever caught my eye...which is basically, my favourite thing to do in life!

Even after spending several hours in the Gardens, there were still lots of things that we never got a chance to see. Kew Gardens covers such an enormous area. I will just have to go back sometime to see more of it. I think it would be nice to go back at a different time of the year, or perhaps later in the autumn when more of the leaves have changed colour.

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