Friday, 30 December 2016

Favourite Photos of 2016: Film

This year I fell in love with film photography more than ever before and I am pretty certain that next year I will be shooting a lot more of it. I'm so glad I put the energy, time and money I did into learning the darkroom process, and creating my own darkroom. I love the hands-on experience of truly making the photos myself. It is so satisfying. :)

I also really enjoyed shooting so much colour film whilst I was in sunny Croatia in September and looking back at the photos I took there now, so many of them are firm favourites of mine.

My favourite film photos from this year include experiments with my Diana F+, home processed images from my darkroom, a couple of panoramic shots from gloomy Edinburgh,  a couple of Instax shots from London, and some extremely colourful shots from my holiday in Croatia - definitely a random mixture!

(My mum took that photo of me swimming in the sea on the left, but I wanted to include it here anyway as I love how it looks next to the one I took of the ship. Plus, it's a lovely happy memory from the year!) 

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