Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday Photos

It's very cold here in Sutton Coldfield today. As you can see, the windows were a bit frosty this morning. I was actually meant to be in Newcastle this weekend going to see The Pixies, but I've been feeling exhausted lately, so I decided to stay home. I wouldn't normally waste a gig ticket like that, but there'll be plenty of other gigs. Last weekend I went up to Manchester to see Lush play their last ever gig, and it was amazing! I'm probably still tired from that. Must be getting old...

I have tomorrow booked off work so I'm enjoying having the luxury of a long weekend with nothing much to do. :D Hopefully, I will get quite a few Getty submissions done. I've also recently joined another stock agency, Arcangel, so I will do some submissions to them too. Does anyone who reads this have any experience of selling with them? I really like the look of their website, at least.

Anyway, here is a random bunch of photos from this morning, including more cheeky squirrels!

My mum and I made some paper snowflakes last night - I'm sure I'll take more photos of them nearer Christmas. :)

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