Friday, 3 February 2017

52 Weeks Round-up: January

This year I am attempting 2 x 52 week photography projects. One digital image a week, and one film image a week. Naturally, I am taking many more photos than that and then picking my favourites for the 2 projects. :)

These are my pictures from January for the digital project.

1/52 Blue tit in the rain

2/52 Winter Daisies

3/52 Tiny Blue Hearts

4/52 On the Ice

5/52 Robin

And these are my shots for the film project.

1/52 Dream Birds

2/52 Birmingham from Deritend

3/52 Sparks

4/52 Post-rain Sunshine


I'm really enjoying both of these projects so far. :D

Here are a few other favourites from the month as well...


Winter Rainbow

Gulls on the Ice

Two Swans



Winter Trees

St Martin in the Bull Ring


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