Sunday, 25 June 2017

Roses, Art & Moomins in London

Last Saturday my mum and I went to London together. We managed to fit a lot into our day and naturally, I documented much of it in photos. :)

First of all we headed to Regent's Park for a wander. We explored the Queen Mary Gardens, which neither of us had seen before. There were so many roses there, it was incredible! It's a shame I only had black and white film in my camera, but never mind. They were so pretty and smelt amazing too! I'd love to go back there with some colour film...

We saw some ducklings and baby moorhens by the water too which were completely adorable.... :D

After a long saunter around the park and a Jude's ice-cream we got the tube over to Tottenham Court Road and walked to Cornelissen's art shop. My mum knew it well and wanted to show it to me as she loves it in there. It's a very old-fashioned art shop. You can buy the paint pigments out of the jars to mix them yourself at home. They look so beautiful all lined up inside the shop. We both bought a couple of things. I got a couple of new colours of Windsor & Newton drawing inks to add to my growing collection. 

We then went to the British Museum as we had booked to visit the Hokusai exhibition there. 

If I'm honest, the exhibition was a little disappointing because it was just so ridiculously crowded that it was hard to see everything properly. The space the exhibition was in didn't seem big enough for the amount of people in there. But, aside from that, it was good and we did see many of his beautiful prints close-up. I was happy to see a print of one of his waterfall prints because I remember that one well from when I painted a waterfall for my GCSE art exam and I cited it for inspiration! I bought a selection of postcards in the shop afterwards. I didn't know he did so many bird and flower prints as well as waves and mountains.

After a break in the outdoor cafe at the museum we got the tube to Covent Garden. On our way to the market, we stumbled across the Camera Museum :D It is very tiny, but I enjoyed browsing the collection there. It was a really nice surprise to find it because I had no idea it existed. They had a small cafe there which was decorated in camera/photography related things, and a small shop, where I got this awesome postcard...

Once we arrived at Covent Garden market I dragged my mum straight to somewhere I'd wanted to visit since it opened...The Moomin shop, which thankfully was not as extortionately priced as I thought it might be so obviously I had to get a few things!

And that was our day. It was seriously roasting hot by the early evening so before heading back to Euston we got a gelato from Gelatorino, which I had read excellent things about. It was extremely good gelato and was a great way to end the day! 

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